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Juegos en línea para las niñas
Category: Frog Juegos

3D Frogger
Use the arrow keys to maneuver your frog. Don't get hit by the cars or f...

Frogger Classic
Excellent remake of the classic arcade game.

Kamikaze Frogs
Kill the jumping frogs before the hit you.

Stun Attack
Hit as much critters as you can in a given time span.

Granny's Garden
Grab a gun, and head out to the garden to help Granny battle it out agai...

Frog Race
Jump over the obstacles and be the first at the end of the race.

Tacky Toads
Your goal is simple. Get the frog to reach the flag. Press the Frog, Pul...

Donnie's Super-Fly
Insect eating pre-historic man. Don't let the frog steal your food.

Jump on the coins as they disappear and as you play multiple levels that...
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